Lazycashformula- a savior or scam? read it and know it.

"The Guy who hates WORKING IN YOUR UNDERWEAR FROM HOME SYSTEMS tells you the raw truth about LAZY CASH FORMULA - can it turn even him to the dark side... or does he vow revenge on JOEL JOHNSON forever?..."

Dear Fellow internet marketer,

Let's get something dead straight before we start.

I hate Immediate Cash Online systems or work in pajamas. I hate them more than you do, and I always have.

Really, I do. And if you give me a few seconds I will tell you why.

But first, let's start with how I got here, and why I'm writing this...

It must have been about three weeks ago now, I was browsing the web when I got an e-mail from a friend raving about this new info course called "Lazy Cash Formula", by Joel Johnson.

Now, my friend is actually someone whose opinion I trust, which is the only reason I clicked on the link in the first place. And here I am...

"But why do I hate those damn products and courses with a manic passion..."

I am an Internet Marketer since 2006 and when i started I kept on searching GOOGLE and many so claimed GURU's and Everyone promising you can make 5 figures a month working in your underwear from home, all you have to do is...

"buy my course"
(full of manuals 500 pages thick that nobody ever reads)

"buy my coaching program"
($1000 a month and I hand you off to some $10/hour college

"come to my seminar"
(where I'll put a bunch of other 'gurus' on stage so they
can pitch you for 3 days straight)

"watch my webinar"
(where I'll bore you to tears droning on about SEO, social
networking and other geeky junk)


Do you ever get the sneaking suspicion these gurus have
never made a buck selling ANYTHING legitimate online
themselves...other than teaching OTHER people how to make

So I thought to contact this so called "JOEL JOHNSON" personally or atleast through chat and let's see what he has with his top class "LAZY CASH FORMULA".

After i spoke to him for about 20-24 minutes, i was impressed by the knowledge he had.

Joel doesn't claim to be a "guru". Far from it! Heck, he
didn't even graduate high school.

He's first to admit he doesn't know the first thing about
.html code...Web "2.0"...building big email lists...writing
sales letters...any of that junk.

...But he's now earning $115,234.29 every month online!

How? He stumbled on a cash-generating formula for selling
OTHER people's products. That means no customers to deal stress...just
cash every month in his mailbox, like clockwork.

I came to know that he know what exactly he is speaking about. He guaranteed me that this is not any rehashed same crap given in another silvcer plate. He told me to buy the course and get satisfied myself,; and if am not satisfied then he'll refund me.

So here is what i got spending $77

The Lazy Cash Formula is not an e-book. Instead, it is a monthly membership that grants you access to a special site with a series of resources. These resources will be updated periodically with new information.

To get you started, the Lazy Cash Formula gives you eleven instructional videos. The first introduces you to affiliate marketing, merchant networks, and so on. Later videos discuss the ClickBank Marketplace, using Google AdWords, how to set up your campaigns, and how to monitor your earnings. While the videos can help you with some basic background information, the true value of the Lazy Cash Formula can be found in all the copy-and-paste campaigns.

Clicking on the Campaigns link in the members’ area, you’ll find a list of 22 turn-key ClickBank campaigns. The page shows the price, commission percentage, conversion percentage, and gravity. You promote to e-products without your own website, using Google AdWords campaigns instead. The Lazy Cash Formula provides you with the copy-and-paste keywords and ad creatives too.

In a nutshell, it sure seems like Joel Johnson, founder of the Lazy Cash Formula, is giving away all of his valuable secret campaigns. However, with each new member, the value of these campaigns will quickly diminish as you compete against one another over the same keywords using the exact same AdWords creatives.

Lazy Cash Formula is not offering anything terribly original here. Joel is telling you to use Google AdWords to promote ClickBank products. He is providing you with the most desirable keywords and his “proven” ad creatives, but will these still work when everyone else is using the exact same material? I doubt that.

You know what’s the real “get rich quick” scheme here? Selling the Lazy Cash Formula to people who are hopeful to get rich quick. I’m skeptical, but your mileage may vary. Solely depends upon how much your follow the tutorials. Joel's support is also appreciable for clearing doubts.

And in just minutes from now, you can COPY exactly what
he's doing.

Learn more here:

The best part?

Joel's program is copy-and-paste. That's it. No boring
manuals to read. No shopping carts to set up, websites to
build - nothing.

Just watch a few short videos and you could be making
money by tomorrow.


Check it out:

For your Online success,

Rohit kumar.